Privacy and Safety Policy
Update date: 02/03/2022
The Company shall have the right to perform changes at any given time on the present Policy of Privacy and Safety due to commercial, legal or for whatsoever reasons. Any update shall be incorporated to these guidelines of Privacy Policy, thereby the User shall know how the information given to our site is managed and may provide freely his/her compliance upon the use of it. The User shall be held responsible for the veracity of any data provided, personal or of any other person to be part of the trip and the Company is exempt of any consequences regarding the falsity of the information provided.

Our Company has created a specific Privacy Policy with the purpose to ensure the Users respect and protection of personal data and any other data provided within the framework of the use of our system and platforms. This policy aims to respect applicable law to personal data and the safety and privacy of it.

The use of our website implies accepting this policy whose guidelines are detailed herein below:

· Collection and storage of information is made on servers with the company exclusive access. These servers have the necessary safety mechanisms in order to obtain a correct storage and safeguard of the information collected. The Company shall use the User information to solve disputes and problems and to assert the Terms and Conditions of the website.

· The Company shall use the most modern data protection means and the most effective encryption available, in order to avoid the loss, falsification, not authorized access and/or disclose among other unwanted situations and provide peace of mind to clients about safety. By entering to the Company servers, all User personal data is processed and encrypted.

· The Company undertakes an obligation of confidentiality about information. The Company may be exclude of said obligation if required by competent authority and/or when required by the Provider of Service in order to comply as agreed.

· The information collected is divided into different types of data, as follows:

a) Personal data of each User and companions. (Name and Surname, Documents, Travel documents, e-mail).

b) Information about hired and financial services (trips dates, information about transports and accommodation, amounts paid for each service, information about credit cards and information provided by bank or financial entities).

c) Commercial information and satisfaction enquiries. In order to improve attention and service provided, the Company may use different enquiries and other channels related to the information given by each User. The Company may identify the IP of the User only in possible or potential fraudulent situations and upon authority’s requirements.

· The Company may offer services according to those previously required by Users or any interest data and may send information to the means of contact provided by the User, if authorized.

· The Company shall not commercialize any information provided. Likewise, the Company shall not assign or sell it for free or through payment.

· The information collected by the Company aims to comply the operations required by the User and to ensure an efficient service and the best attention to the User.

· Right to Access, Rectification and Elimination. The information provided by the User shall be treated according National Law on Protection of Personal Data. The holder of personal data is entitled to exercise the right of access such data free of charge within intervals no shorter than six (6) months, unless it was proved a legitimate interest according to Article 14, section 3 of Law N° 25326 and Resolution DNPDP N° 10/08. National Direction on Protection of Personal Data, a body of control of Law N° 25326, has the attribution of attending any complaints or reports related to the incompliance of the established rules on protection of personal data. These rights only may be exercised on information that may be considered personal data according to Law N° 25326.

· The user is always the owner of his/her data and may access to them by means of his/her keyword on the system. In this way, the User may evaluate the existing information on the data base of the Company. The holder may request at any time the cancellation or block out of his/her name on the data base referred in this present ( Article 27, section 3, Law 25326) by means of notice or request personally or by phone to the Company on a business day. The ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATION AGENCY, a control body of Law N° 25326, has the attribution of attending any complaints or reports related to the incompliance of the established rules on protection of personal data.

· Registry and control of calls. Incoming and outgoing calls are susceptible of been recorded not only for commercial management reasons but also for safety reasons such as crime prevention and data veracity checking. Such information of phone registries shall be kept according to the guidelines of this Privacy and Safety Policy.

· Our platform is used on different mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) through apps suitable to those devices. Information, may be general, financial and/or location shall be kept according the same guidelines of our website.

· Given different possibilities of configuration of web browsers and the way browsers incorporate DNT signals, sometimes site operators do not clearly know if site visitors choose to turn on the DNT configuration or if they clearly know the option to determinate the configuration. Your web browser may transmit a signal of “Do Not Track” – DNT to this party and to other web sites.

· Our platform and apps use cookies and web bug or web beacon (small images files) with different commercial purposes and a better manage of our services hiring experience. If you reject cookies or you set your browser accordingly, you shall be probably unable to know different services and/or functions of our party and the usage experience of our site or platform.

· This party authorizes the outbreak of proper ads or ads of providers. It is important for you to keep in mind that we have not control over technology to gather data that may be used.Therefore, it is not covered by this Privacy and Safety Policy.