Terms and Conditions
Update date: 02/03/2022
MULTITRAVEL S.A., business name, MULTITRAVEL.COM, CUIT [Unique Tax Identification Code] 30-71696930-0, EVT FILE 18095 (“MULTITRAVEL” and/or “The Company”) inform these terms and conditions applicable to the operations to be performed through its web site and/or the platform for mobile phones of MULTITRAVEL and/or through any other commercialization channel currently used or to be used in the future by the company.
1. These terms and conditions do not modify neither any liability regulations nor the special conditions specific of each Tourism Provider related to the services offered, these are general conditions that apply to the intermediation service provided by MULTITRAVEL. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, each of these providers shall be named as “Services Provider” and “Services Providers” as a whole.
2. The COMPANY is a travel agency that applies to the intermediation between consumers/users and different tourism services providers by means of its different online platforms through which a huge number of tourism service providers may offer their products to users, related to accommodation, transports, excursions and general activities. Likewise, users may book and pay such services defining all details about the travel partially or totally.
3. Intermediation. Scope. The Company is not the provider of Tourism Services, it acts on behalf of the Providers; therefore is not bound to provide such services. Upon hiring the services through any platform, the User enters into a contract with the Provider who offers the Tourism Services in our platform. The Company acts as an intermediary between You and Tourism Service Providers.
4. MULTITRAVEL under no circumstances shall replace or modify the limitations of liability legally set forth, or the specific special conditions establishes by each Provider in respect of its Tourism Services. The Company has no liability regarding fines and penalties collected by the Providers or differences of charges, if applicable, that shall depend on the policy of the Provider.
5. MULTITRAVEL shall not be held liable for events arising from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, including weather phenomena, acts of nature, trade union conflicts, among others, that may occur before or after the provision of Tourism Services and that may eventually delay, interrupt or prevent them from being provided.
6. The use of the platform implies acceptance of any and all of these terms and conditions. Consequently, all visits as well as operations and transactions by any user on the Site including the legal effects, shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions. Any person, who wants to access and/or use the Site or Platform offered by the COMPANY, shall be bound to the provisions set forth and any other complementary guideline. The User, who does not accept or comply the provisions herein stated, shall no obtain the access authorization for the platform usage.
7. ONLINE HIRING SYSTEM. The user defines in the platform interests and details and/or search parameters for Tourism Services. The COMPANY provides the results through such system according the guidelines entered by the user and the user may arrange according price or the option preferred. The user selects the search results and any other information according to his/her criteria and may set a purchase or booking request. Once, the user shall receive a Confirmation Order about the services requested and it does not imply booking, availability or purchase confirmation or the acquisition of Services. It may occur a rate variation or places availability between the starting or date of the request and the effective date of purchase due to the flight rates dynamics or others out of the scope of the COMPANY. Services Requests shall be improved and shall be considered effective when the COMPANY accepts the operation and the timely payment for such hired services, otherwise, the orders shall be rejected. Once fulfilled the aforementioned conditions, the user shall receive by e-mail and/or other means informed, the confirmation of such situation and a voucher as a proof of it and lately it shall be send the invoice, As long as a full payment remains incomplete whatever the reason, the User should not claim for any compensation.
8. RIGHT OF REFUSAL. The user may exercise the right of refuse related to the hired services with the exemption of air transport – it is applied a group of regulations, among them the Aeronautic Code Montreal Convention and the regulation of the International Air Transport Association (“IATA”) (“Aeronautic Regulation”) within the first ten days from the contract drawn, notifying the decision according Article 1112 of the Civil and Commercial National Code to MULTITRAVEL.
9. PERSONAL DETAILS. The COMPANY is not held responsible for information entered by the user, nor veracity, validity and / or any updates and they must reflect the information that appears on the trip documents (see Clause 10). Regarding the contact information provided by the User, an e-mail address should be informed as a valid means of contact between the parties. All relevant information related to the hiring shall be send to such e-mail and shall be considered valid as notice any communication sent by the Company to such e-mail.
10. The Company is not responsible for non-compliance by the User related to the required documentation to perform the hired trip or certain related services. The User is responsible for the fulfilment of all requirements and/or documentation for entrance and/or transit required by immigration, customs and/or sanitary authorities of the country/countries of destination and/or transit. We advise before booking and travel, to consult the correspondent Embassy or Consulate. For more information, www.migraciones.gov.ar./
11. The hired services may be paid by authorized credit cards or through the payment mechanisms available in the Platform. The Company shall consider paid the price of services once the payment shall be valid and confirmed. Otherwise, it shall imply the reject of the operation and the User may claim the financial entity about the no payment completion. The price payable may be charged in domestic currency or in dollars as the case may be (national or foreign providers), whichever currency, the price shall be informed to and accepted by the user. Your bank may convert prices to the local currency and charge any additional fee for the conversion. The exchange rate and the international transaction fee is determined by the bank. If you have any doubt, please contact the bank.
12. If you request for a change or cancellation, and any such change or cancellation is permitted, the COMPANY shall submit your request but the Services Provider shall make the final decision who may impose fines or penalties for the changes or cancellations requested. These conditions are available in our Platform. Please read them and remember that for some Tourism Services, changes and/or refunds are either rejected or accepted under certain restrictions and/or penalties. By requesting for a change, you are cancelling a confirmed booking and requesting for a new booking that shall be governed by the specific conditions applicable at the time of the change; therefore, in addition to applicable penalties, there may be a rate difference that consists in the amount resulting from the difference between the originally paid rate and the new rate, based on rate availability at the time of the change. Refunds authorized by the Provider, may be made through the same credit card used. If payment has been made in cash and/or by wire transfer, your bank details shall be requested by MULTITRAVEL in order to reimburse such amount by wire transfer. The refund and/or chargeback period shall depend on each Provider. The Service Fee charged by MULTITRAVEL is non-refundable. In case of cancellation or changes of confirmed reservations for any reason, said service fee shall not be refunded since it corresponds to a service actually provided by THE COMPANY. Likewise, in the case you request a change or cancellation of a Tourism Service; THE COMPANY may charge an additional service fee. When services have been purchased to the Provider, the reimbursement shall be made in the currency paid by the latter at the time of reimbursement. Regarding the payment method it shall be the same used by the passenger, credit card/credit card and in the case of cash the reimbursement shall be made by check or wire transfer or bank deposit. Flight ticket: Air transport agreements and air tickets are non-transferable to third parties and they are governed by a series of restrictions and conditions determined by each airline. Likewise, possibly tickets are non- reimbursable and change of dates are not allowed or changes and/or cancellations may also be subject to applicable rates and/or penalties and/or commissions and/or rate differences. In case a reimbursement is allowed, the refund and/or chargeback period shall depend on each airline. Such refund shall be always in Argentinean pesos and the payment method chosen by the passenger (credit card/credit card). If payment was in cash, the refund shall be made by check or wire transfer to the account informed by the client. Operations in cash or deposit in account shall be reached by resolution 3825 AFIP [Federal Administration of Public Resources]: it determines that retail travel agencies shall act as Withholding Tax Agent and the amount shall be determined applying to the net price of taxes and rates of each operation, a 5% aliquot.
13. In the event of credit operations withdrawal, the amounts paid in concept of information, administrative expenses, stamps and interest shall not be refunded. Cancellation conditions for Tourism Packages with charter flights and/or sales special conditions or limited numbers, has not any refund, reimbursement or restitution. In the event the withdrawal affects services already hired by the agency, the reimbursement is subject to the terms of the services providers. In all cases of reimbursement, the agency may retain the price of the costs incurred plus a 10 % commission of services hired to third parties.
14. ITINERARY MODIFICATIONS. If you request for a change in the date of itinerary or destinations, they may be done according to providers’ availability and modalities, penalties and conditions requested by the third party provider. The Company is exempt from any liability if such changes requirements cannot be fulfilled. The User shall pay the fare difference, extra charges and/or penalties.
15. The Company shall not be responsible for Services not used or taken by the User according the way and the time agreed neither their consequences.
16. GENERAL CONDITIONTS FOR HIRING TOURISM SERVICES. The users the General Conditions set out in resolution 256/2000 applicable to the hiring of Tourism Services know it.
a)Requests and Payments: 1)Price and/or reservation of services that make up the tour are subject to modification without prior notice when an alteration in services shall occur, costs modifications or exchange rate expected by reasons non attributable to the parties. 2) All amounts paid before the definite confirmation of services are considered as a reservation. The definite confirmation of services and respective prices shall be produce upon the issuing of tickets and/or services orders and the corresponding bill. 3) The credit operations must meet the requirements set themselves on them. Otherwise, the interested party must meet the payment of amounts in the terms and conditions set forth in the hiring.
b) Prices include: accommodation in hotels included in itineraries or others of an equal or superior category, occupying single, double, triple room, etc. According to the chosen rate, with private bathroom and taxes. Meals plan according to specified in due time. Visits and excursions mentioned. Transfers to and from airports, terminals and hotels, if applicable. The number of accommodation days considering that the hotel accommodation day starts at 3 pm and finalizes at 12 am of the following day, regardless the arrival and departure time and the full or partial use of it. Tour length shall be indicated in each case considering the departure day as first day and the destiny departure day as last day, regardless the departure or arrival time in the first or last day.
c)Services or items not included: 1) Extras, beverages, laundry, tips, departure tax, taxes on services, VAT and other taxes, current and/or future, neither any service not expressly indicated in the service order issued by the travel agent. 2) Number of night stay, meals and/or extra expenses or damages produced by cancellations, delays in arrivals or departures of means of transport, or unforeseen reasons outside the company’s control. 3) Meals in route, except those expressly including in the programs. 4) Expenses and interest in credit operations.
d)Limitations to the right to stay: The company reserves the right to request the passenger to abandon the trip at any point because of his/her behavior, health situation or any other serious reasons that the company may considers risky for others passengers or failure of the normal development of the tour.
e) Documentation: If you are travelling abroad is necessary to fulfil legislation in force in each situation. The company is liable to inform and well in advance about the requirements of immigration customs and sanitary authorities of the destiny of the tour, and the passenger is responsible of his/her personal documentation demanded by the aforementioned authorities.
f) Cancellations: 1) In case of withdrawal of credit operations, the amounts paid in concept of information, administrative expenses, stamps and interest shall not be refund. 2) When the situation affects services already hired by the agency, the refund shall be subject to the contractual conditions of the respective companies. In all cases of refund, the agency may retain the cost of expenses plus a 10% of the hired services as a commission.
g) No regular transport or charter: It shall be governed by previous item. In all cases only shall be refund the price correspondent to. Nevertheless, it shall be refund the proportion of the price of ground services (hotel, board, and excursions) determined by the organizer according to the modality of the Tourism Providers. To valid this clause, it shall be defined on the first document delivered to the passenger the quality of transport.
h) Assignments: The client’s right of Tourism Services may be assigned or transferred to any other person up to 30 days before the departure date, where the transport hotel o services providers do not oppose such assignment. In case of passengers of different ages (adults-minors), the price may be adjusted according to the regime in force. In all assignment cases, the company may receive an extra amount of the 10 % of the agreed amount.
i) Liability: 1) The Company expressly states that simply acts as an intermediary in booking or hiring of different services related or included in the tour or booking of services: hotels, restaurants, means of transport or others providers. Nevertheless, the company liabilities as organizer or intermediary of the trip shall be determined according to ruling included on the International Convention on the Travel Contract, Law 19918. The Company shall not be held liable for events arising from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, including weather phenomena, acts of nature produced before or during the performance of the tour that prevent, delay or obstruct the total or partial development of the activities engaged by the company, according to Civil Code.
j) Alterations or modifications: The Company reserves the right, due to technical or operative reasons, to alter total or partially the daily order and/or services that make up the tour, before or after its implementation. 2) Unless otherwise provided, the hotels agreed, may be change for other or equal o higher quality within the same urban place free of charge to the passenger. The passengers has no right to any compensation because of these changes. 3) The company may cancel any tour regarding any circumstances included in Article 24, Decree Number 2182/72. 4) Once started the trip, any suspension, modification or interruption by the passenger because of personal reasons of any kind whatsoever, shall have no right to claim whatsoever against, refund or return.
k) Arbitration Clause: Any disputes, controversies or differences arising under or in connection with this agreement, shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures of the Arbitration Tribunal of the Argentinean Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies and/or the Arbitration Tribunal in the Region. Once regarded such jurisdiction, the parties are subject to and accept the conditions set forth by the Arbitration Tribunal.
L) Implementation Rules: This agreement and the provision of services shall be exclusively governed by these general conditions, by Law N° 18829 and its regulation and the Convention of Brussels approved by Law N° 19918. These general conditions and the other documentation delivered to passengers shall conform the Travel Agreement established by the aforementioned Convention. /